Course meetings

Course meetings will happen over Zoom, with links provided on the course website. You are required to attend all Wednesday meetings and one of the Monday meetings (at your prescribed time). If you cannot attend, please let the course instructor know via email.


Assignments are due at a prescribed date and time. You have five grace days that you may use throughout the term. That is, if you turn in an assignment within 24 hours after the due date and time, you spend one grace day. If you turn in an assignment between 48 and 72 hours after the due date and time, you spend three grace days. There is no penalty for using grace days.

If you need a homework extension for personal reasons (health, family obligations, etc.), you should email the course instructor and ask for an extension. Extensions do not result in spent grace days.

Homework must be submitted electronically by emailing them to caltech.bi1x@gmail.com. All assignments must be submitted as a Jupyter notebook and also an HTML conversion of the notebook. You may hand-write and scan portions of these assignments and include the scans in your Jupyter notebook. Naturally, everything must be legible. The name of the document must be lastname_firstname_#.ipynb and lastname_firstname_#.html, where # is the number of the homework as shown on the course website.

All code must be submitted with your assignment. Using Jupyter notebooks makes this seamless. They allow you to include comments, code, and graphics together in the same document, and also allow TAs to run your code to make sure everything works properly.

You are encouraged to discuss your assignments with your classmates and to work together. However, all submitted materials must be your own. Obviously, you may not refer to work other students have done from previous editions of the course.


25% of your grade is based on participation in Zoom meetings and discussions. 75% of your grade is based on your written homework.